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Video: Ron Paul’s Exit Interview

Retiring 12-term congressman and three-time former presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas did an “exit interview” with The Washington Post today. He had little new to say, but the tidbit at the end was rather striking, particularly in its relevance … Continue reading

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Tough on Crime or Cruel and Unusual on Punishment?

(via The Sun) I stumbled into a debate with a classmate, who fancies himself a progressive, over some of California’s ballot initiatives. We agreed referendums and initiatives suck; that surprised me because progressives seem to prefer direct democracy over republicanism. … Continue reading

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About The Arbitrary Will

I haven’t read a lot of John Locke, or Samuel Adams for that matter, or many other names that come up on a Google search for the phrase “arbitrary will.” The main inspiration for the title of this blog is indeed … Continue reading

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