Video: Ron Paul’s Exit Interview

Retiring 12-term congressman and three-time former presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas did an “exit interview” with The Washington Post today. He had little new to say, but the tidbit at the end was rather striking, particularly in its relevance to this blog’s mission: “The people who, in a way, admit they’re inconsistent, get to run the legislative system.”

If that doesn’t summarize everything wrong with what passes for law in modern society, it at least highlights the pervasive corruption in America’s political system. Dr. Paul appears hopeful that someday consistent people–that is, people with actual coherent principles, will “run the show” if the young people catch on to his message. Let us hope his wisdom holds as true on this as it has in the past.

For now, however, Washington, D.C. is a city which incentivizes inconsistency. It rewards people who, once in office, betray every well-meaning intention and good-faith promise on which they were elected. The misplaced values of compromise and bipartisanship ensure a least-common-denominator government, one which necessarily strays from freedom and toward centralized power. Unfortunately for everyone, even those who disagree with his policies, today’s federal government is a harsh and unwelcoming environment for steadfast do-gooders like Dr. Paul.

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