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Wherein I refute a charge of libertarian nastiness, then ramble about the thick-thin debate

Last month at Bleeding Heart Libertarians, Kevin Vallier took a measured view of the thick versus thin libertarianism debate. In a reasonable and mostly fair piece, he points out that both sides take their arguments a step too far: Thick libertarians go … Continue reading

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The Right to Remain Out of Prison

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Sloppy libertarianism

Cathy Reisenwitz, whom I have not read before this, is a rising libertarian blogger about whom I have heard nothing but good things. She runs Sex and the State and, apparently, Thoughts on Liberty. I wish I could report that … Continue reading

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Glenn “Kane” Jacobs on political compromise

The wrestler Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, has written a spot-on condemnation of political compromise over at He would be an excellent choice to run against Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander, as is rumored. The article follows: A letter which … Continue reading

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Speed Limit Tyranny

Eric Peters, often featured on, has a new post up about speed limit laws that captures brilliantly the immorality of such ostensibly reasonable laws. Even ardent limited-state libertarians will defend speed limit laws on the grounds that they are … Continue reading

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Video: Ron Paul’s Exit Interview

Retiring 12-term congressman and three-time former presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas did an “exit interview” with The Washington Post today. He had little new to say, but the tidbit at the end was rather striking, particularly in its relevance … Continue reading

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Tough on Crime or Cruel and Unusual on Punishment?

(via The Sun) I stumbled into a debate with a classmate, who fancies himself a progressive, over some of California’s ballot initiatives. We agreed referendums and initiatives suck; that surprised me because progressives seem to prefer direct democracy over republicanism. … Continue reading

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